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Unplug Art Print

Ever leave the house and forget your phone and have a moment of panic, even though you're just going to be gone for 15 minutes?  Yes! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Some may remember a simpler time, with no smart phones.  When we left the house and literally no one could locate us.  When there was no social media, no perfectly curated pages and staged lifestyles to aspire to.  When we talked with people, in person.

The world is never going back to those times, and that's OK.  But what is also OK is to take the time and unplug.  Try sleeping without your phone in your bedroom.  Try turning on Do Not Disturb the next time you're trying to exercise at home/make dinner/read a book.  If you miss those texts or notifications guess what?  You will be just fine.  We guarantee it.  

Use this print to remind you it's OK to unplug and just simply be.  And it feels good.

This print is printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art PhotoRag Satin archival/museum quality paper and ready for upping the vibe in your hive!  Frame not included.

adds beauty   made in usa   

Printed with ❤️ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.