Mini Soy Candles - 2 oz by Slow North

These miniature versions of our classic 6 oz Travel Candles, these are the finest plant-based, soy-wax candles for any space.  From 100% essential oil fragrances to cotton wicks, these candles redefine all-natural luxury and are vegan and free from artificial dyes and ingredients.  You will enjoy a lighter, naturally-enticing aroma when burning a candle scented only with pure essential oils.

From ingredients to vessels, these candles are designed with sustainability in mind. Only soy wax is used, which is a long-burning, biodegradable and renewable resource. 

In a world crowded by artificial ingredients and over-stimulation, your senses and your wellbeing will thank you for choosing all-natural candles and so will anyone visiting your space!

All-Botanical Ingredients.

Made with ❤️ in Austin, Texas by Slow North.

Volume: 2 oz. Diameter: 1.7 inches. Height: 1.5 inches. Burn time: 15 hours.