Hey there! We're Anne + Steph.

So you’ve found us and now you want to know who we are.  We do the same thing!  The “about us” section of a website is the first place we go when we find a company that we’re curious about so we totally get why you’re here.  Something that is important to us both is that our personalities shine throughout V+G so that our customers really get to know us.  TMI?  We’ll let you decide.

Hi there, I’m Anne and the Virgo (September 17th) of Virgo + Garnet.  I am a native of Pittsburgh and live here to this day.  I have a fantastic husband, two amazing kids and 4 dogs.  Yes, 4.  There's a lot of fur. 

Random pieces of information about me include (in no particular order): I used to play competitive Ultimate frisbee, I went through a serious stained glass making phase in my 20s, my family is 100% Greek although I only know the bad words, I am a certified yoga instructor, my happy places are our cabin and Turks and Caicos, my favorite color is purple and I miss driving a stick shift.

My husband and I have an invention company and over the years have created and sold products ranging from baby toys to lighting systems to Apple watch bands.  I am super excited for Virgo + Garnet as it combines my strengths (invention and e-tail) with a passion (making people happy). 😊 


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So now that you know more about us let’s talk about Virgo + Garnet and how we came to be.  As many things do, it all started with a book club.  Anne’s book club.  Or Club as it is affectionately called.

Anne here: The girls in my book club insist that I set up a reiki session with a reiki master.  Her name is Steph.  For those that don’t know, reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. 

I trust Club implicitly and agree to go.  It takes me almost a year to actually set up a session.

Turns out Steph lives on the street I grew up on and my dad still lives on.  I no longer believe in coincidences, there is a reason I was brought back to Valleyview Road.

I know Steph’s house; I’ve walked past it a million times.  I have never been inside.

The house itself is a 50s split level with lots of windows and a floor plan with great flow.  But it is the experience she has created in her home that really resonates with me (and anyone who visits).  It’s intangible yet pervasive.  I go into Steph’s house and I just feel good.  It’s not the amazing chandelier or the expensive couch.  It is how she has combined color, natural elements, shape, texture and smell to create a harmonious experience that draws you in.

I loved my reiki session.  Offered to take my learnings from my own online business to help Steph with her reiki-infused skin care and home products company.  We became friends and developed our alter egos Bad Anne and Meredith, but that’s for another time.

In December my husband and I decide to have a Christmas party and I decide that the family room needs a makeover before the party.  I call up Steph and she helps me recreate her home experience in mine.  The changes in my house were incredible and at the party everyone commented on how much they loved the family room!

After the holidays (and pre-COVID) we got to talking about how much we would enjoy showing other people how simple changes in their homes can go a long way in changing the energy, the vibe, of a space.

And here we are.  Virgo + Garnet is a store dedicated to helping you create an energetic experience in your home through the use of natural elements, shape, texture and placement.  We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to help you transform your space.  And make every room your favorite room.

Our Icons

When working on our branding we developed the icons you see below.  We took the things that are most important to us about our offerings and put them into a visual format and use them throughout the site.