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Take down the hideous painting

Are you tired?  Tired of going to Home Goods/TJMaxx/Marshall’s/Target and buying home décor to fill a shelf/end table/wall, only to get it home and not love it?  But you don’t hate it, it’s fine and maybe trendy and you needed something on that table, so you keep it.  But it doesn’t speak to you, you don’t connect with it on an emotional level.

Think of the things in your home that you DO connect with on an emotional level – good or bad.  Your grandmother’s teapot that she used every day and makes you smile when you think about it in her kitchen.  The table that you helped your dad build when you were little.  You remember him showing you how to use the table saw.  The hideous, depressing painting you hate that your in-laws gave you and you feel obligated to hang prominently in your living room because it was an expensive gift…

Wait, what?

You have a hideous, depressing painting you hate, hanging prominently in your living room?  Guess what?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

So many people have items in their home, their sanctuary, that don’t speak to them.  Instead, they actually yell at them, “Don’t spend time in this room because I’m here.”  And they don’t.  The living room with the hideous, depressing painting hanging there?  Bet you avoid that room like the plague.  It probably angers you when you think about it (my effing MIL gave me this thing and my husband insists we hang it, but I hate it with every bone in my body).  And, given the choice, who wants to hang out in a room that angers them?  Right.  NO ONE.

The living room is avoided except for holidays when you need the space and even then, people tend to gravitate towards the kitchen.  Where the teapot is.

So you see where this is going.  Think of the room in your house that is avoided.  Or rooms.  Then think why.  Maybe it’s something as obvious as the painting you hate, but chances are it is something more subtle.  Ask your family how they feel about the room, what they like/dislike.

If you have a dreaded painting – TAKE IT DOWN!!!  Bet people start using that room.

If it’s more subtle, move furniture around, get a plant, brighten the room up with some of our prints or a new pillow.  Something that speaks to you.

Need more help?  Reach out to us and we can schedule a virtual room assessment and help you make every room a favorite room.

xoxo anne + steph ❤️