How to sage your home (and why you should do it)

Steph here - I believe in saging a home the way I believe that we all need water and sleep—total MUSTS. I feel the impact of your home’s energy can either help soothe your soul or it can be a source of major disharmony to your mind, body and soul.

Here are some very easy steps on how to add saging your space into your normal routine. Once you see (or should i say,feel) the difference, taking the few extra minutes will be well worth your time!

I like to grab what is now my saging kit and clear the energy as often as I clean my bed sheets. Sometimes more depending on who’s been in my space and/or if there’s been any real tension, sadness, or just more dense style emotions. I’ve got a houseful of hormonal teens!

My kit is pretty basic--you can get super fancy if you like, but this really, this can be such a simple practice when you put your intention at the forefront. I use these items: my intention, sage stick, palo santo stick, a feather to waft the fumes, chimes, bell and/or singing bowl and a lighter.

First thing I do is set the intention...this is the MOST powerful and important piece. I prefer to say this out loud as words (and thoughts) carry such power. I say something along the lines of, God/the universe and all my unseen help, please help me in removing any heavy or low vibrating energy from my home/space. Please allow all my rooms to be filled with such love and white light, allow the highest of vibrations to fill  my space and be felt by all those who are in my home with peace, love and clarity (insert whatever words you want). I meditate and/or pray (I do a hybrid of this style) for a few minutes before I begin. As long as your heart has set a pure intention, you can’t mess up or say the wrong thing...don’t get hung up on the wording, it’s the true feeling that creates the shift in the energy.

I like to do one room at a time.  I imagine busting up any stale energy with my chimes, bells or bowl--clanging it around (oh, your spouse/roommate/kids will definitely give you the wtf are you doing look - it’s so awesome to see), then I follow up by lighting the sage stick and wafting it around the room. Make sure you put that smoking stick everywhere:under beds, in each corner, in doorways, by windows, closets, etc. Once it’s nice and smokey (watch detectors!), I open the windows and get that stale shit out!  I waft the old stuff out and close the windows and bring in the new energy with the palo santo stick.  I then do the chimes, ringing in the higher vibes and sort of sealing each space.  It doesn’t take long and the after effects are AMAZING!  I feel so much lighter as does my space. It’s a wonderful ritual that has been around as long as we have...and it works!  After you are done, take a mental note of how you sleep, how your family sleeps, if there seems to be less stress, worry, anger, etc.  We have so much external stuff coming into our homes by way of technology and just the just we carry in ourselves.  Making this part of our normal cleaning seems almost as vital as clean toilets and clean sheets!