How to add crystals in your home

Let me first give you some info on why you’d even want stones in your home. I’m a stone girl--have been for years.   It’s so exciting to see things I once raced to hide before a dinner party (corporate America wasn’t quite as accepting of crystals and stones 15 years ago) to being proudly displayed in so many peoples homes in the last few years. They are pure MAGIC and all good things and oh-so-beautiful!

I LOVE to place amethyst in everyone’s bedroom who sleeps under my roof. We all have ‘em--they emanate such calm and peaceful energy...super zen.  I feel next to the bed is the best place for these purple beauties!  I also place selenite sticks under my kiddos beds to help protect them while they sleep. 

I work from home a lot.  I think I’m not the only one since “the virus” surfaced.  To stay energized and focused, I strategically place citrine near my working spaces (I have a few since I move around a lot). These stones are known to aid in creativity, so when I feel stuck, I simply close my eyes, put one of these yellowish/amberish guys in my hand and pull an extra dose of inspiration and imagination from the limitless well they seem to harbor.  It’s so amazing!

I love to keep rose quartz in my kitchen.  It reminds me to put special intention on whatever food comes in and out.  Praying and/or putting amazing love intentions on your food has been a practice we’ve come to almost take for granted, yet it makes so much sense if you think about it. Why on Earth would you not take 30 seconds to give thanks to your food and to also add some extra TLC to it?  There’s a lot of steps and places our food goes through and to, before making its way to our mouths.  I see the rose quartz and imagine all the love that’s bound in that beautiful pink stone, filling the food and the bellies of my loved ones.  Sorry if it sounds corny, but I even extend this ritual to our four legged family members.  I swear, they feel it!

By placing different stones and crystals in your home, you help amp it up. Adding mother nature’s gifts into your home can help shift the energy and absorb the lower vibes that you don’t want.  I liken them to plants. They are constantly giving us the good stuff while absorbing the air that’s not so pure and expelling it.  Nature is so high tech!